The first interactive automatic call service in Europe

Smart automatic calls to your clients.
Automate incoming and outgoing calls in your company, replace operators in call centres.
Save your time and money.

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With EVE.calls you can:

For whom: Organizers of webiners, seminars, bootcamps

Inform your subscribers by voice

Inform all your subscribers about your event within 30 minutes.
Call subscribers and invite them by your voice, thus increasing conversion and attendance of the events.
Create a true wow-effect!
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For whom: Any b2c business

Automatic cross-selling to clients by phone

Perform regular repeated automatic cross-selling to your customer base, who didn't make a purchase for more than a few months.
In addition, send reminders of the event, greetings to customers on holidays and birthdays.
Increase the loyalty of your customers and regularly sell them your goods and services.
It's easier and cheaper to sell a second time to an old customer than to attract a new one!
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For whom: Marketing companies, research, public and political organizations

Automatic NPS surveys

Carry out automatic NPS surveys by phone, cheaper than with human operators.
Conduct an automatic questionnaire for a database of contacts, obtaining statistics in a convenient electronic form.
Collect feedback on the phone about your product or service.
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For whom: Food or goods delivery services, online stores

Call-centre robot-operator (by API)

Set up ordering, order confirmation and tracking without reliance on call center operators.
Replace some of your operators performing routine work by the robot.
Save up to 30% on your call center without losing quality of service!
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For whom: Web services and mobile applications

Automatic authorization call (by API)

Get rid of SMS-codes in favor of confirmation by voice call and by pressing the button.
A quick and easy way to confirm registration/authorization for your customers.
Not more expensive than SMS!
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Countries we work:



is an intelligent automatic calling system.

It allows performing voice calls, schedule calls to all clients from your list (or database), follow the specified conversation scenario, as long as perform simple tasks during a call (send SMS, connect to a human operator, etc.).

EVE is quite intelligent to recognize client speech and use various voices when talking to them.

You can record responses to different scenarios using your voice, or use the automatic text voicing system.

The system is able to work as scheduled with both outgoing (automatically perform calls by lists) and incoming calls.

Integrate EVE with your website or CRM-system through API within just 5 minutes and automate calls in your business!

Listen to the real calls of our customers!

Naked facts about EVE.

Phone call cost – starting at $0.10 per minute

That is much cheaper than a standard call center. You only pay for successful phone calls.

Calling speed - from 5000 people/hour

Which is 175 times faster than any human operator. Additional capabilities available upon request. Save your time!

An intelligent conversation companion

78% of the people who picked up the phone couldn’t tell they were speaking with a robot. EVE waits until the customer says “Hi”, then politely greets the person and waits for a response. EVE doesn't interrupt the customer and leaves an impression as if you have been talking to a real person from the very beginning...

25 question-response iterations

You choose what EVE should respond or send to a customer per each customer response. You can also specify what to do if the customer is silent or does not respond according to the script!

EVE can speak in different voices

You can choose between 3 options: EVE’s default voice, or you can record your voice directly in the personal account or upload a previously recorded file.

Flexible conversation script building tool

Customize your greeting, closure, and conversation script in your account.

Send texts during phone calls

If the customer expresses interest in your offer while speaking to EVE, he will get a text with offer details right away!

Connect to a human operator during phone call

Set up EVE to redirect calls to a human operator if the customer uses certain key phrases or if the conversation stops following the pre-defined script.

Live speech synthesis

EVE sounds like a real person! Leave us your phone number for a sample call from EVE. More than 25 languages are available to bring your conversation script to life.

Live speech recognition

EVE can be trained to recognize your business-specific vocab. We've got great speech recognition accuracy - up to 96%!

Integration into your website or CRM system using API

Automate business processes and routine phone calls in your company using our system! Basic integration will take around 10 minutes.

Need help setting up conversation scripts or voice recordings?

Our specialists are glad to help you.

Personal account

Intuitive interface
Phone call analytics
Phone call scheduling
Conversation scenario builder
Customer voice recordings in the dashboard

The World's best
speech synthesis system

We have analyzed all the best solutions in the market of speech synthesis and recognition.
We spent hundreds of hours developing and testing EVE to make sure she runs like clockwork and pleases us, you, and your clients by her voice,
to make sure that she sounds like a real person.
We plan to enchance speech quality, emotions and pauses in the future.

Experience this right now:


Case: expenses for auto calls 350$, earnings 11250$.
On the video: Interview with the project manager "BM Breakthrough" by Evgeny Chernyakovich.

In the video:
Sergey Suhoruchenko, director of TemposWeb marketing agency, gold Google partner
Vladimir Garmis, representative of EVE.calls company

And what if EVE doesn't reach
the customer?

If EVE does not reach the customer the first time, she will retry as many times as you request.

Frequently asked questions

-5-10 minutes to build scenarios in your account.
-20-30 minutes to call a database of 500 people.
Call speed is guaranteed if you get a dedicated multi-channel number.
In other cases, call speed depends on system load, and actual speed may be less than mentioned above.
Can we accept incoming phone calls to the phone number, which the system makes calls from?
What if a customer misses a call and then tries to call this number back?

You can purchase a dedicated multi-channel number to accept incoming phone calls to the number the system calls your customers from.
First, it will provide a stable speed rate and guaranteed free channels.
Second, you will be able to set up conversation scenarios for incoming calls to your number, from which your make ourgoing calls ("Voicemail Response" section), or forward calls to a different number(s).
Please contact us or any of our representatives to purchase a dedicated multi-channel number.
The system can:
- follow your customized calling schedule;
- customize and build a dialogue with a client by the call script;
- recognize customer voice responses;
- recognize customer key input;
- send a text with your content during the call;
- connect to your operator or another phone number during the call;
- record phone calls (partially or entirely);
- keep track of calls efficiency, statistics, conversion;
- accept both incoming calls (if you lease a number from us) and make scheduled calls;

- the system is intelligent enough not to interrupt customers, thus During the first 30 seconds of the phone call, customers generally cannot tell if they are talking to a real person or to the EVE robot.
...so that activity on my website or CRM triggers phone calls to customers automatically?
- yes, it can be integrated through API;
- you can customize your greeting, closure, key phrases, any other variables and call at any time;
- we are working on integration/partnership with all common CRM systems.
You can either rent a multi-channel phone number, or set up a one-time call session from our number without ability to receive incoming calls.
If you rent a multi-channel number, you will be able to use EVE to receive incoming calls (Voicemail Response section of your account) and when clients start calling back to this nuber, she will communicate according to your scenarios.
We are not liable for any accusations of spam, as we are only providing the tool.
If you have a licensed database users gave permission to receive calls in writing/by putting a checkmark on a website - there will be no problems.
Should any issues arise, you can always refer customers to the terms they had accepted.
However, if you are unable to demonstrate proof that you have customers’ permission to be contacted, our company reserves the right to block your account at any time to avoid further problems.

We recommend:
- don't use any cold databases, obtained from the Internet
- write interesting conversation scripts, so that customers do not mistake you for spam.
- order a turnkey engaging scenario with voice customization and individual greetings.

As of 2017 we are the market leaders of automated calls in Europe and we work on a daily basis to maintain this leadership.
You can try to find simple calling-services that play audio on the phone, but you will not find a system that communicates like a living person.

Will your customers communicate with an explicit audio recording? Put yourself in their place - I think the answer is obvious.

There are also services that declare cheaper calling rates, but this does not mean that you actually get calls at a cheaper price. As a rule, this is nothing more than a marketing small talk and they will earn on you in another place - we are absolutely transparent in this regard, the full rates for all our services are presented in your personal account.

Good service a priori is never cheap.

Also there can be counterfeit-services on the market (we have already came across such cases). Please beware of scammers!
The only genuine account of our services is located at: https://cp.evecalls.com/


Our team

Алексей Скрипка

Aleksey Skripka

Founder, Director General, Technical Director

Владимир Гармиш

Vladimir Garmish

Co-founder, Sales and Customer Support Director

Михаил Васильев

Mihail Vasilyev

Representative of the company in Russia, sales and customer support

Licensed representatives

Юрий Зарицкий

Yuriy Zaritskiy

Licensed representative, Ukraine

Алексей Войнаш

Aleksey Voynash

Licensed representative, Ukraine

Иван Акатов

Ivann Akatov

Licensed representative, Russia

Максим Лысков

Maksim Lyskov

Licensed representative, Russia

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