Media Featured Saint Nicolaus PR Campaign

18 ноября 2018

Our PR campaign "Call Saint Nicolaus" started on December 25, 2017.

Afew days before offical campaign launch, the information with free hotline number leaked to Viber and Telegram groups and people started to call our robot and make wishes over the phone.  We received 25 thousand calls during the evenining on December 24, 2017. The next day the telephone lines were extremely busy all the time and we realized that the PR campaign "Call Saint Nicolaus" became hype.

When leading TV channels released the interview with us talking about our idea and online media published reports about EVE.calls, it was already challenging to reach Saint Nicolaus and talk to him (although we scaled all operations and added capacities at maximum).

Below is an overview of the most successful in our opinion reports and reviews in the media.

1)  TV Channel "STB" report




2) UA:First, national television channel in Ukraine, report

Our story was also featured in other Ukrainian media:




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