Premier Expo Reinvents Marketing with AI

20 Сентябрь 2017

Premier Expo Reinvents Marketing with AI

Key Facts:

  • Industry: Events, Exhibitions Organization
  • Application: Marketing Automation
  • Company: Premier Expo, ITE Group Plc representative in Ukraine
  • Deployment: 3 days

Business Challenge

ITE Group Plc in Ukraine is represented by Premier Expo, the Ukrainian market leader in organising international trade exhibitions and conferences. Premier Expo сompany organizes a beauty exhibition “InterCharm” every year. Since 2005 it has been the largest beauty exhibition in Ukraine with over 50,000 attendees annually.  

To get the maximum exposure for the event, the marketers tried various marketing tools and initiatives from big boards to chatbots. There was not a perfect solution to solve 2 main challenges: get the maximum event registrations and lower the cost-per-lead (CPL).


The company opened the door for AI-powered robot called EVE. EVE was tasked to call visitors from the previous exhibitions and invite them to the upcoming event. She called 55,000 database contacts. The robot qualified leads during the call, recognized interest and sent SMS with registration link and promo codes afterwards.  

Both marketing objectives were met. In addition, with EVE the cost-per-lead (CPL) decreased twelve times showcasing record-breaking result over the span of 12 years. Premier Expo referred EVE as effective solution to its partners. The next month EVE already worked for 7 various exhibitions.

Success by Numbers

  • 5,237 registrations generated in 3 days with EVE vs 500 registrations in 2 weeks using previous solution, call center employing live agents  
  • 75% call reach rate and 13% conversion
  • Integrating EVE into marketing helped to decrease CPL from $4 to $0.2
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