Children Start Talking To Ded Moroz From Dec 25

27 Декабрь 2017

Starting from December 25, a direct telephone line is open for children to talk to Ded Moroz and make a wish for the New Year.

Since childhood everyone likes to get presents for the New Year. One could get them if write a letter to Ded Moroz. And always we wanted to talk to him in real time. To bring a touch of magic to your holidays and help parents realize the dreams of the children, EVE.calls team created a voice robot Ded Moroz with the most comprehensive vocabulary. Finally, a fairy-tale became a reality. Now children can make a mobile phone call to Ded Moroz and talk to him real-time! As Ded Moroz on his duty, he will question about behavior and, of course, ask about the desired gift.


Call this number to talk to Ded Moroz:


 (in Russian)



 (in Ukrainian)


(for calls from Russia)

(calls are charged at the rates of your operator, no additional fees are applied)


The magic goes on. Parents will have the opportunity to listen to conversation recording and fulfil their children’s wishes.

To be continued…


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