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EVE in action


Promotes your product in cold and warm calls. Qualifies leads and follows up.


Enables to record, preview, schedule notifications to all your customers at once.


Conducts surveys interactively. Reports back with robust analytics.


Answers routine incoming calls 24/7. No long waits on hold.


EVE in numbers

Real-time platform performance


years on market






average conversion of calls into leads

EVE VS traditional solutions

Contact Center EVE
Training requires time and money
14 days for onboarding on average
Free and fast
Starts to be productive immeddiately. Register for free
Employee turnover
High, over 30%-40%
Employee turnover
Not predictable quality
Agent conversation quality and tone varies impacting conversion and making it unpredictable
Permanent quality
Delivers constant quality depending on your campaign set up. Shows predictable conversion
Data leakage risks
Human errors might cause data loss or leakage
Stores data on an encrypted Unix servers with limited access
No opportunity to test various scripts during the call to identify the most effective one for a customer
Provides opportunity to A/B test call scripts to define the most effective one
Conventional IVR-system EVE
Low conversion
Customer listens to pre-recorded audio message. Recognizes the bot and hangs up in a few seconds
High conversion
Provides communication with a human touch by simulating real human conversation
Doesn’t detect autoresponders
Makes up to 50% of calls to another IVR. Wastes your money and time
Detects autoresponders
Recognizes AVRS and IVR. Follows conversational flow designed for incoming calls
Decreases brand loyalty
Pre-recorded audio calls evoke negative emotions
Brings positive emotions
Interactive calls affect humans positively
Low information density
70 characters in text message
High information density
Up to 140 characters in voice message
Pay to send an SMS
You pay to send all SMS, but not for customers who open and read them (avr. email read rate 2-10%)
Pay for actual conversations
You pay only for actual successful calls with pay-per-second plan
No feedback
No way to get feedback or customer response in real-time
Interactive communication channel
Real-time response from customer due to speech recognition or input via keypad
High spam rate
Traditional technology is used for scam. SMS notifications are 10x less effective than calls
Low spam rate
Latest technology allows to monitor campaigns quality to avoid scam
Email EVE
Low speed of information delivery
Average time to open an email from 2 hours
High speed of information delivery
Delivers information or receives a response from the client in real time
Low conversion
Emails convert lower than calls. 35% open rate is high
High conversion
Calls convert higher than emails. Average conversion 75-85%
High spam rate
Emails delivery has a high spam rate. Email go to spam folder, even if a customer subscribed
Low spam rate
Mass cold calls by live agents are stressful. Telespam by IRV solutions is not effective and pricy

Use cases


Speed 10,000 per hour

Makes up to 10 000 calls per hour and provides call analytics. 1000 contact center live agents are needed to do the same work


Identifies a sales-qualified lead during the call, sends instant text messages (SMS) to customer or uses CRM query

Artificial Intelligence (AI)

The NLP-algorithms and the NLP-neural network will recognize and with an accuracy of 95% Reacts to customer’s question and provides an answer continuing converation real-time. Detects AVRS and IVR robots


Hands off to a live agent when there are questions she cannot answer or to continue the conversation when needed

Personalization and Variables

Can speak in any voice - Eve™, your voice or professional announcer, introducing any variables during the conversation.

Human-like - up to 90%

Powered by proprietary decision-making algorithms and speech recognition, makes people on the phone think she is human

Biometric customer identification by voice

Can recognize people by voice and find in voiceprint database.


Can listen and transcribe calls to text, understanding the number of interlocutors and ignoring noise.

Monitor performance in personal account

Control the results of communication with customers in your personal account and through API
User-friendly interface
Robust analytics
Schedule calls delivery
Conversational flow design
Voice audio recording

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