Enhancing Sales Outreach in HubSpot: Using AI Calling Bots
20 September 2023

Enhancing Sales Outreach in HubSpot: Using AI Calling Bots

AI Calling Bots in HubSpot

In today's fast-paced digital landscape, AI bots have transformed from being mere novelties to essential tools in the business sphere. The U.S. market for these bots is full of potential, yet many businesses find themselves facing a significant challenge.

The challenge lies in identifying the right solution that seamlessly integrates with your existing CRM platform, such as HubSpot. Selecting the ideal fit for your business can be difficult. The complex features, pricing models, and scalability factors can make the search for the perfect solution feel like searching for a needle in a haystack.

HubSpot's integration with AI calling bots offers a solution that not only simplifies but also enhances sales outreach efforts, promising unprecedented efficiency and significant cost reductions. While several AI bot solutions are available within the HubSpot Marketplace, EVE.Calls stands out as a comprehensive solution that provides everything businesses need in one package.

Now, let's explore some of the solutions available within the HubSpot Marketplace:

1. Orum


  • Ensures that live conversations are promptly routed to human agents
  • Enhances sales efficiency
  • Automates dialing and data entry
  • Improves client interactions
  • Speeds up response times


  • There are only a few options for customization available.
  • Integrating with systems other than CRM might pose challenges, which could limit its flexibility.
  • It does not have the capability to initiate calls or actively engage in sales activities.
  • When the client answers the call, there is no live agent present on the line.

2. Koncert


  • Specializes in automating dialing and advanced call detection technology.
  • Differentiates between live individuals and automated responses.
  • Helps to keep lead management organized.
  • Provides detailed analytics to inform your sales strategy.


  • The solution may benefit from improved adaptability in call handling when compared to other options
  • Users might require additional training to fully utilize the advanced call detection technology
  • There is currently no integration with advanced tools and no call-tracking feature available
  • A voice bot is not included in the solution
  • The feature for callback is not available at this time

3. Callingly


  • Specialises in optimizing call routing, connecting live calls to human agents for enhanced customer engagement

  • Notifies teams of new leads for timely follow-up

  • Offers detailed call recording and lead syncing


  • Doesn't provide advanced AI solutions

  • Limited integration compatibility with other systems or CRM platforms 

  • No immediacy of human interaction once the client answers

4. Kixie


  • Streamlines customer interactions and integrates with HubSpot

  • Simplifies data management and automates call and SMS logging

  • Offers features like click-to-call and voicemail drop


  • Lacks advanced analysis capabilities

  • Limited adaptability and may struggle with complex business processes

  • Integration with CRM systems like HubSpot is challenging, potentially leading to operational challenges

5. CloudTalk


  • Specialises in customer support operations with real-time data, advanced analytics

  • IVR builder

  • Call recording and call monitoring  


  • Businesses with rapid growth may find CloudTalk's scalability limitations restrictive in the long run
  • While advanced analytics are a plus, they may introduce complexity for businesses seeking a straightforward solution

Why EVE.Calls?

When comparing EVE.calls to the other solutions available in the market, it becomes evident that EVE.Calls offers a comprehensive  AI voice bot solution. Here's a breakdown of why EVE.Calls stands out:  

  • EVE.Calls is a powerful communication tool that connects your organization with a large number of existing and potential clients.
  • Provides human-like, natural, and adaptable interactions for a personalized experience.
  • Eliminates rigid prompts and adjusts to contextual lead information.
  • Features an automated callback functionality for timely and efficient communication.
  • Designed to streamline complex business processes beyond just lead notifications.
  • Extensive script customization options to cater to specific requirements.
  • Seamless integration with popular CRM platforms like HubSpot and other systems.
  • EVE.Calls brings you closer to your customers, fostering stronger relationships and enhancing customer satisfaction.

While the other solutions mentioned in the article offer valuable features, EVE.calls stands out as the superior AI voice bot solution. With its natural conversations, customizable scripts, seamless integration, and adaptability, it is the ideal choice for businesses seeking to enhance their communication and streamline their operations. EVE.Calls provides all the necessary features in one package, setting it apart in the market.

The integration between HubSpot and EVE.Calls begins with a simple setup process. In HubSpot, you can generate a specific API key under Settings > Integration > API key. Once this key is integrated into EVE.Calls, it establishes a connection between the two systems. This integration is not just about linking systems; it brings together two essential tools that play a key role in modernizing customer engagement.

EVE.Calls in Action: Examples

To give a glimpse into how EVE.Calls can be integrated into real-world scenarios, let's look at this call example:

Client: Yes, hello?

EVE.Calls: Hi, I'm Eve, the Smart Bot from the company called EVE.Calls. You inquired some time ago about my services on the EVE.Calls website, so I'm calling to confirm our scheduled Zoom call for today at 3 p.m. Does that time still work for you?

Client: Yeah.

EVE.Calls: Okay, thank you for the confirmation, see you.

During this call, we can hear the natural human voice EVE.Calls adapts to:

Client: Hello?

EVE.Calls: Hi, hello. It's Josh King from Reign White Monico, I hope you are doing well. Just letting you know we saw the property 13 at Renger's Street, we sold it at the auction for 1.75 million dollars. There were 11 registered bidders and 1300 square meters of land wise. We've got 10 buyers still looking to purchase. I'm just checking in to see if you have any property plans over the next couple of months. 

Client: No, no thank you.

EVE.Calls: What we are doing, we are doing price updates to some of your named properties later in the week. Would you like to get an obligation-free home update on the terms of your property, we can bring through some recent sales, takes about 10-15 minutes, and we can give you an update so you can make better decisions moving forward through the...

Client: No, thank you; no, thank you. My house is not for sale. 

EVE.Calls: No problem, that's all good. What we will do is we just keep in touch for when you are ready for either a price update or if you are thinking of selling. Hope you have a good day. Keep in touch. Thank you!

Client: You too. Bye!

From moving leads through HubSpot sales pipelines, logging calls, and creating new leads to conducting reminder calls, confirming appointments, performing surveys, and even scheduling or rescheduling virtual meetings on platforms like Google Meet or Microsoft Teams within the HubSpot environment, EVE.Calls autonomously streamlines business processes. While EVE.Calls operates independently, the sales team can intervene during final discussions, ensuring a balance between technological precision and a personalized approach.

Furthermore, EVE.Calls seamlessly integrates with other systems beyond HubSpot, such as updating bank customer data, allowing online businesses to accept orders without human intervention, enabling real estate agents to auto-follow-up on property interests, helping debt collection agencies to remind clients of outstanding dues, and even assisting insurance agents with policy renewal reminders and initial claim process facilitation. The education sector can also benefit from EVE.Calls by automating course registration confirmations and resolving student queries. These are just a few examples of how integrating with EVE.Calls can enhance various business processes across industries.

The synergy between HubSpot and AI voice bots exemplifies the transformative power of technology in modern business operations. As we witness the transformative journey driven by AI and enriched by data, it becomes evident that those at the forefront of this revolution are shaping the future of industries. If you're ready to elevate your business communication, reach out to EVE.Calls to discover how it can seamlessly integrate with your system and enhance your overall business process.

Transform your business communication with EVE.Calls and integrate effortlessly with HubSpot!

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